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The 6 Most Critical 2020 Contact Center TrendsBy

Catherine DeStasio | February 13, 2020

Great contact center leaders know reacting in the moment isn’t enough to create customer experiences that help brands rise above the competition. It requires staying ahead of change and leveraging innovation. We used industry research, plus interviews with leading analysts, customers, partners and prospects, to identify the six most critical contact center trends for 2020.

Below is an easy-to-read snapshot of each trend. To read our full annual trends report, click here.

Trend 1: The Cloud Is Here to Stay

The cloud already is the default choice for contact centers focused on improving customer experience, and its wide-ranging benefits make it increasingly powerful and lasting.

Trend 2: Adapting to Generational Workforces Is Critical

Gen X and Gen Z make up a growing percentage of contact center employees. Understanding them better is essential for any contact center to thrive.

Trend 3: Native Workforce Optimization Solutions

Native, not disparate, workforce optimization (WFO) is becoming a requirement for contact center success.

Trend 4: Goodbye Channel Divide, Hello Channel Unification

Channel unification is not only important, but its getting increasingly sophisticated.

Trend 5: A New Era of Metrics Focuses on Customer Experience, Not Just Agent Behavior

Metrics that matter drive customer loyalty, not agent behavior.

Trend 6: Re-imagined Customer Experience—AI Will Augment Agents, Not Replace Them

The most effective AI will make your agents better, not unnecessary.

Learn more by downloading Serenova’s annual 2020 contact center trends report here.

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