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10 things successful Information Technology projects have in common

1. They have a clear vision and communicate the vision to the entire team.
2. They understand and communicate project budgets and constraints at the beginning of the project.
3. They tend to have exceptional project leaders that are adept at communicating, problem-solving, and inspiring the team.
4. They make use of small-scale proof of concepts and pilots early in the project. They apply a phased approach to roll out functionality in manageable pieces.
5. They tend to keep the design simple wherever possible, eliminating or minimizing the need for integration to other systems.
6. There a strong sense of engagement and ownership from the customer in the entire project especially in the change management, training and testing programs.
7. They have executive leadership support. They establish frequent steering committee meetings with project leadership. The steering committee resolves difficult issues and makes decisions.  
8. There is a marked sense of accountability and ownership. The team understands their individual roles and responsibilities.
9. They tend to take a common sense approach to requirements and designs, using the 80/20 principle wherever possible.
10. The team members are self-motivated and have fun working to achieve a common goal.

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